Monday, December 3, 2007

Seeking an internship for Summer 2008 in the communication field.


Jennifer Frederick
St. Edward's University
Email: jennfred87 at gmail dot com

Seeking an internship for Summer 2008 in the communication field.


  • Strong oral and written communication skills

  • Multi-tasker

  • Computer proficiencies: PC and Mac; Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • Strong knowledge of Web 2.0, completed course on Social Media for PR

  • Able to speak and comprehend Spanish


"The JenMegKas Show" - Social Media for Non-profit Organizations

"Religious Tolerance"

I am a junior at St. Edward's Univeristy majoring in communication and minoring in Spanish. In particular, I am interested in the media/PR/advertising side of communications, but still unsure of what exactly I want to focus on. I am studying abroad in Spain next semester and hope to find a job in the future in which I can incorporate my Spanish speaking skills with the field of communication.

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Spam Ads

Most of us hate spam emails and pop-up advertisements that tell you to click or complete a survey and win a free gift...usually an Ipod, Xbox, trip to Mexico, whatever it may be. It is said that 83% of our emails are spam. The FTC has finally begun to crack down on these spam ads and has fined an advertiser, for a free Ipod, $650,000! The advertiser was in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act, which punishes people for sending out non-solicited emails and ads.

These ads are never just "free", there is always a hunch. It also can create bad PR for the company's product that is being advertised as free. For instance, if someone completed the survey and were expecting their free Ipod, they could be disappointed with Apple for not receiving it, rather than the fraud advertiser.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

ABC and FB

The TV station ABC is using the popular social network of Facebook to increase their young news audience. However, they are not the first news station to do this, CNN has already joined forces with MySpace. The two companies are in agreement that ABC will provide Facebook users with Web 2.0 related content. This includes debate groups, campaign trail videos , and online surveys. Additionally, ABC reporters will create their own personal Facebook profiles which will contain photos and blogs. "Networks are looking to connect with a lost audience -- and the way to do this, they have come to realize, is through Web 2.0 technology and Web sites."

I think this is a great idea, the traditional news is not as appealing to the youth today. This will make the news more contemporary with a youthful feel. It is a good public relations step for ABC.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Selling Towns on Ebay???

Yes, that's right. An Italian man recently purchased a small, unpopulated Texas town on Ebay for $3.8 million. Apparently this is not the first town that has been bought on Ebay. Bridgeville, North Carolina was purchased in 2002 on Ebay but the transaction did not go through and was purchased again in 2006. This could be great PR for this town it is starts to develop.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Web Video Project

Here is a video we made as a class project. The video is about religious tolerance, relating to the "Golden Rule" in seven different religions: Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Native American Spirituality, Islam, Wicca, and Christianity. Enjoy!

Credit goes to Flickr for the photos and the song "Wisdom" by Delerium.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Smart Closet

Smart Closet is being developed to help fashion clueless people figure out what to wear and how to match their outfit. The system will work through electronic panels on your electronic hangers you can put in your closet. It will be able to tell what you have recently worn. It can also warn you if you are going to wear something that you have already worn around the same person.

This is crazy, it reminds me of the scene in the movie Clueless in which the main character Cher has a computer program that allows her to view her wardrobe and she is able to match them on the computer. During my childhood I thought this was the coolest thing and now it might actually exist! I'm curious to see if this will actually work, and be used. It sounds like you need to have a large enough variety of clothes to even be able to use this program.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Second Life Meets CNN

It seems that I see Second Life appearing everywhere since we discussed it in class. I came across an article that talks about Second Life now featuring a CNN news bureau. It features a news blog called "SL I-Reports: Your News of a Virtual World." This allows Second Life users to collect and file their personal reports in a virtual "news desk." Stories have ranged from people standing around to a character trying to beat the world's bull riding record.

They see this as being a future spot for the presidential candidates to show their stance. This would be great PR for them.